Uptown Condominium Owners Welfare Association (UTRWA)

  • Uptown Condominium Owners Welfare Association (UTRWA) has been instrumental in reviving and transforming Ireo Uptown to be an even better place to stay. RWA 2018-21 has in its team a set of committed, selfless, professionally minded extremely high integrity governing body members who are extremely successful in their professional lives as well.

    Election of Governing was conducted on 20th May 2018 and apartment owners have elected governing body of Uptown Condominium Owners Welfare Association (UTRWA).

    Roads, Electricity, Maintenance, sports Facilities, cultural Events have all happened regularly to uplift the society. Extremely high diligence on financials, transparency of operation, inclusiveness are the highlights of RWA 2018-21.

    To ensure residents get the best deliveries at all times an operating team hired from the internationally renowned Facility Management Organisation is now taking the progress further.